10 janv. 2011

Long life to GameDev.net !

Nouveau logo de GameDev.Net No, gamedev.net is not dead. It just changed so much that you won't recognize it. And - good thing, its changed for the better !

(The new logo is supposed to have a dark background ; but hey, there is a new PNG logo !)

The new interface is very clean, very responsive (lots of javascript here and here) - it's a total win. Here is a small grab of the index page:

GameDev.Net, new interface

The site everybody knows for its forum (more than 4 million messages) and for its comprehensive list of technical articles (more than 2000) goes the social route (with a connexion to Facebook and twitter). It seems that everybody is now able to post blog updates (but I might be wrong).

There is still work to do in order to migrate the servers and to push a few functionnalities, but the rework is impressive (you can compare the new version to the previous versio on archive.gamedev.net.

So long life to GameDev.net, because the crew deserves it (and no, I'm no longer a member of the staff :)) !

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